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Colum O'Hare said:   April 7, 2014 11:12 am PST
Hello, this is a great website !. I came upon it by sheer luck ! I was born on the Rathfriland Road the son of James O'Hare who operated a shop and petrol station until 1961. I emigrated to California in the 80's and have recently been piecing together the family tree. All four of my grandparents are from Dromara...Mooney, McKay and McAlister as well as O'Hare. I have a few photos and bits of history that I'd love to share. Congratulations on such a great looking website, Colum

Cyril Hunter said:   January 16, 2014 3:42 pm PST
My name is Cyril Hunter and my son Glenn has just posted a message today mentioning Jack and Vera Kerr (nee Hunter) among other things. I was born in their large house on the Hillsborough Road, next door to the Orange hall, on 24th May 1944. This house was originally owned by Lord Downshire and was inhabited by one of his agents, I believe in the 18th century. My GrandfatherJames Hunter purchased this house in 1930's. He was a small builder and could also be called a small farmer.the cattle byre still exists and unchanged. My father Samuel after the second world war started a building company and many of his buildings still exist. The Christian workers hall was constructed in 1948, the Church of Ireland Hall he designed and constructed and completed in the the 1950's costing around £3000.00. The large extension to the Primary School was another one of his many constructions in and around the village. Directly opposite our house in under the existing archway was one of the three blacksmiths in Dromara, this was owned by John Spence. I remember at least six/seven Clydesdale horse waiting to be re-shood, a beautiful sight. I have many other stories I could tell if time would allow. A letter from Bill Hutcheson appeared in your post, he as a good school friend of mine and have not heard from since he left for America, could you please forward his email to me if he accepts. I will attend one of your meetings in the near future.

Glenn Hunter said:   January 16, 2014 1:24 pm PST
My family lived in Dromara for years, my grandfather was Samuel Hunter and dad Cyril Hunter. My great uncle who is mentioned in one of the parts was Jack Kerr and his wife Vera. Jack and Vera were on TV a short while ago celebrating 70 years of marriage but unfortunately Jack has passed away and was buried today(16/01/14). I went to school in Dromara after we returned from Australia in 1974 and have lots of fond memories. It has changed a bit now

Bill Hutcheson said:   July 28, 2013 3:07 am PST
Hi there I am 68 now and live retired in Cairns, Queensland. I came across your web site by accident. I lived at 37 Rathfriland Road in the Council houses next to Nurse Robinson at 39 until I migrated to the USA in 1963 at 18 and then to Australia in 1966 where I have lived ever since. I remember most of the people you talk about on your historical walk from the 1940 and 50's. It is amazing that you have got all this stuff together. Makes me want to go back and see ye olde village once more. Every Sunday all those years I went to St Johns Church when Rev Stanhope Squires and Rev Long were there. I remember Col Cunningham who always set in the front pew in those days and was a bit high church for Dromara. I don't go to church any more and often think how I miss those days.

Joan Browne said:   June 1, 2013 2:02 pm PST
Hi Wilfred Steele if you read ' AHistorical Walk through the Village ' you will see the news agency owned by Flo and Eva Steele mentioned. If you care to contact me via e-mail I could maybe help you.

Wilfred Steele said:   May 31, 2013 2:08 pm PST
Hi I didn't see a mention of the news agency owned I am led to believe for a long time by the Steele's I think there names were Eva & Flo I am not sure about this and would welcome any information Regards Wilfred Steele

Mary Avery Collins Rhoads said:   April 19, 2013 4:32 am PST
Hi - I am a descendant of the Livingstons from the Dromore area and the Dalzells of Newtonards area living in America. I am currently, and have been for some years, researching these families. From the pictures, I can tell that it is a very interesting area and hope one day to be able to visit.

Deborah Jones said:   January 14, 2013 11:18 am PST
I was in Dromara in May 2012 digging around in the graveyards for my James Wilson Shaw family of Aughnaskeagh Rd. I didn't find anyone but enjoyed your beautiful countryside anyway.

Joyce Wadkins USA said:   January 6, 2013 2:18 pm PST
Hello, I have been to your village. I was looking for info on my 5th grandparents named Snowden. Sorry the Ist Pres. church was closed that day and I couldn't delay my leaving, but hope to return this year. They baptized their daughter there before coming to South Carolina, her name was Jane Snowden and theirs was Samuel and Mary. There was also a Hugh Hanna that came to SC about the same time.

Barry Coombs said:   November 19, 2012 2:28 pm PST
Maternal Great Grandparents from Dromara. My Grandmother immigrated to the States from there in 1909. Looking forward to following your web site!

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